At the present time we are re-designing the Indigenous jobs blog in the hope of delivering new and better content in the near future. If you would like to contribute an article or event that you think would benefit Indigenous job seekers or employers that are looking to improve the way they are currently working with communities please get in contact. The Indigenous jobs blog would like to hear from contributors in a range of fields including: Jobs in Communities It would be great to hear from people currently working in jobs that support their community. This might include people working for local health services, local councils and natural resource management teams. These are the jobs that keep communities strong

Most often our motivation for finding work is to help us support ourselves, our families and to move toward achieving our own aspirations for a happy, healthy life. These are all great reasons and we hope that many of the jobs listed on our site can help fulfil those important objectives. Still, it’s an interesting thought to have a look at the vast number of jobs and careers out there and think to ourselves………… What is the best job? What is the best job for me? What are the best jobs to help our planet, our land and our community? If you were asked to describe the best job in the world, how would you respond? An actor, a pilot, an

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Indigenous Jobs Blog

We are redesigning the Indigenous Jobs Blog for the Indigenous Employment Australia Website. Have a look back on this page soon to get the latest news about upcomoing opportunities advice and assistance relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobs seekers. Your support is important to us!

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