About the Indigenous Employment Australia website

The Indigenous Employment Australia website aims to provide an important service for Indigenous job seekers and employers in Australia that are committed to increasing the level of employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The atsijobs.com.au job search site promotes a wide range of job vacancies that are listed by employers who would like to encourage a greater number of applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers. We are proud of Australia’s skilled Indigenous workforce and believe that there are people throughout the country with the skills, experience, potential and passion for any opportunity.

Our work on the web began nearly ten years ago with the implementation of the atsijobs website and email jobs newsletter. Since then the site has evolved to establish over 30,000 followers throughout the country using social media to deliver information about current jobs that are available. Using social media as a tool assists the site to deliver up to date information and provide feedback to employers about the success of their job advertisements.

Australian employers have often expressed interest in increasing the number of employees that identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people but they still have difficulty meeting their Indigenous recruitment targets. We have worked hard to improve the communication tools available to employers so that information about opportunities reach more Indigenous communities and job seekers in a timely manner.

After visiting communities around Australia, we discovered that many people in the cities, remote and regional Australia hadn’t heard about jobs that were being advertised on other websites, newspapers and media. To help address this issue we began to establish a strong social media presence to help increase our reach to an active network of job seekers to help employers spread the word about the jobs that they have available. The site now maintains one of Australia’s largest online social network followings for Indigenous job seekers and achieves top rankings for the most relevant job searches for Indigenous job seekers.

On Ground Experience = Real Employment Outcomes

The Indigenous Employment Australia website would like to promote jobs, projects and businesses that create long-term benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The site supports pro-active businesses that would like to work with Indigenous organisations, communities and businesses to develop sustainable business and job opportunities to increase Indigenous employment in the long term. For further information please contact us now.

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